Saturday, November 29, 2008

Why not the whatthefuckicord?

Alice Video - Animusic 2 - 03 - Resonant Chamber, a video from willowb. musique, animation, vidéo, Animusic, Chamber
Animusic 2 - 03 - Resonant Chamber

That device is perfectly possible though I can't say it would actually sound like that.

For example, one could simulate the effect by making it a midi player with robotic components keyed to certain instrument+note combinations and have the components react in kind.

Further down the line I could see a kind of "listen and tap" system where by the robots listen to an actual song, and pics it apart by note, and then does the same as above mapping and sorting.

Still further simply have an intelligent instrument capable of hearing a piece and duplicating it on itself.

All I see is a really complex printer with a sound element. Beautiful, faceted, but not fantastical. Indeed in some ways I'd say the CG of it was more difficult in the making than actually building it would be.

Once we bout it what should we call it? See title.

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