Monday, July 28, 2008

Ego search leads to rape chat.

So I read about and decided to search my name.

And I found this...

"Rape is rape, if someone doesnt want to have sex and they are forced into it, thats what it is, wether a state defines it that way or not"

And What I have to say to this person is as follows. Let it be known honey that if you reply its going on this page. Feel free to comment but I'm not in the mood to debate you privately.

Rape is rape you say, and yet I'm sure you've made a drop the soap joke at least once in your life.

Rape is a political bargaining chip by and large and the unpopular fact is it simply would not occur nearly as often if women didn't choose to hang around aggressive atavistic muscle bound alpha thugs due to perceived sexual ability.

I'm not saying rape is the woman's fault, but its not the man's fault 100% either. The myth of the innocent victim princess has got to die. The majority of rape involving a female in the west is not preceded by home invasion.

If you hang with thugs and gang bangers and beer happy frat boys and inked up pill head hair dye musicians because you still want to piss off daddy by bedding liberty spikes you're gunna pay for it eventually. Play with fire, get burned.

Rape is a feminazi buzzword these days more than anything, when it needs to be just another crime. Why can't I get a security escort to my car? Oh right because being shot in the face for my wallet is not near as bad as being raped. I'm tired of being a second class citizen just because I have a penis.

I must say you couldn't cut the irony here with a chainsaw.

Fact is, most of you probably don't care that harmless pot head men are raped daily at shiv point after having their teeth knocked out. You're far more concerned about some little tease that let Johnny frat boy and company buy her enough booze to kill a rhino and then magically wakes up with her skirt lifted.

Are you even aware of the simple fact that more men in the united states are raped than women? And please bear in mind that when a man gets raped its never in a hole that's designed for entry of any kind. I'll venture to say that torture heavy serial killers aside, prison rape is a billion times worse then anything a women is likely to encounter on the outside.

So please get over yourselves. Sure, rape is horrid, but until I see some hate for it across the board, this whole discussion will remind me of bigots and GRID.

"The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

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