Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ending and beginnings

Things change.

Axioms are uncovered, and I find myself with a job and without work.

No life's work anymore.

You cannot be convinced.

Could I honestly talk you into anything you did not already believe?

It comes down to trust, trust in people and trust in your perceptions.

I can't make you trust me, and without that nothing I say or even show you matters.

You have no choices. You can not be enlightened. You either are or are not. Timing is irrelevant and an illusion.

Do you know what things mean? No choice. Who you are as a person is a function of choices you never made, choices made for you at the instant of the universe's inception.

It's been said before. This is not news. Electrons behave in a predictable way or a random way. Either way, you choices are the same. Governed, or random, both meaningless with regard to who you are because you do not exist.

I have spent my adult life talking to the dead.

What does a philosopher do when it finds the answer?

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