Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well season one was a real page turner.

Sat and watched two thirds of it in a single sitting.

Laughed so hard at one point I thought I was going to stroke out, seriously I stopped it and did some bogus breath control shit trying to slow my heart down, which for the record failed miserably. It was like the adult version of trying not to laugh in class.

But of course as with House, as with Dexter, and so on, it transformed into a after school special about how to sell your soul to the vagina.

I don't know which is worse, the fact that these shows portray all women as lying whores or the fact that when I say so in defense of real women I'm told, by real women, that I must think all women are whores.

So either they actually are all lying whores, or they feel behaving like lying whores is acceptable, or they don't and they are lying to themselves.

It's like Catch 22, what happens if I use a bit of healthy skepticism to admit the fact that I might be wrong but in so doing actually reinforce that I might be right?

All I see on TV is men having women's backs against the world and then being berated at home for it. Am I dysfunctional for wanting no part of that? Apparently so.

Well, it was nice while it lasted, one good season is better than none since I'm not allowed to do shit but sit here and watch TV like some catatonic.

Edit: The show picked up after the half way point, it got just a smidge less about conforming with sufficient vigor to please the unpleaseable, and actually introduced at least one excellent character, but of course they executed him. Probably because they can't afford his ass since season 3 was late 2009 and that's when he's going to be in battlestar.

"Big ups" to him. I'd pick battlestar too.

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