Saturday, December 8, 2007

First Post

This is my first post on what I would consider a pure blog.

I will try to limit my content here to things of sociopolitical and philosophical interest, content published with the goal of publishing it in written form in the next revision of The Book.

This blog in intended to be a reference point for my positions. And a public outlet for my writing.

I may post the individual chapters from my book here.

I am the first and only Cryptarian.

I hope I can help.

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I'm a politically and culturally subversive author with obsessive tendencies and a lot of free time. I feel a sense of personal responsibility for the fate of my species. My writing is the result.

My primary blog is at but this G+ profile is a far more active representation of my viewpoint.

Generally I feel the answer to society's ills are technological in nature not political or cultural.

Having said that, I do have political positions of course and I strongly feel that we need to embrace nuclear power and deploy a universal basic income.