Monday, December 24, 2007


I'm sick and tired of neo-feminists ranting about pay inequality and sex crime. I'm tired of being blamed for problems they cause! Women stopped being oppressed when it became illegal to discriminate based on gender. Period. The rest is a function of supply and demand. The treatment of women in this country is a direct result of the demand impact on sex monogamy has had, and the exploitation of the sexual and economic advantages that result from it.

Since women control breeding by definition, those problems can be laid squarely at their feet. Men are so oppressed that the term masculism is virtually unknown compared to feminism. And the one men's rights group that I know of gets near constant derision and flak when they aren't being ignore completely. And even this group is an adjunct of women, as it focuses on men who have been selected by women as good enough to breed. Those of us that refuse to play this slanted and humiliating game are totally ignored.

I have no doubt whatsoever that I'll be hassled and made fun of just for suggesting that men have it worse than those dear sweet innocent little victim princesses. Awww look at her pout, how can I be so mean to those poor sweet little girls.

Where do I even begin? Lets start off with a list of important facts.

1. Men die sooner than women. This is not genetic.
2. Men are the more common rape victim.
3. Men have to compete to breed.
4. Women choose who breeds and who doesn't.
5. Women choose if they want to work.
6. Women have the option of trading something fun for something useful.
7. Women have the power to destroy lives with accusations alone.
8. Women receive disproportionate protection.
9. Women have an overwhelming advantage in custody cases.
10. Women are socially allowed a greater degree of freedom with regard to emotional expression and fashion.
11. Women encourage maddeningly unrealistic expectations.
12. A single woman is called independent and powerful, a single man is called a loser.

I'll stop there for now.

Women complain about being objectified but they subsidize the behavior. Women make fun of male virgins as losers, but then attack men for being sex obsessed pigs. Women complain about equality and then call men cheap for wanting to split dinner. Women complain about men not helping to clean up, but would not tar a roof for anything.

On a more subtle note, why do we have to put down the toilet seat, why don't women put it up? Why do women get a row of stalls but men get urinals? I personally prefer to pee in a toilet without a guy standing next to me. But what I want doesn't matter.

I'm constantly called a loser because I don't have that ubiquitous modern parasite, a girlfriend. I'm sorry but I literally can't afford a girlfriend. My mind and my compassion and my self reliance are irrelevant unless they add up to me being a good little slave.

Every movie and every song with a relationship in it, has at some point or at all points a declaration of a few basic servility requirements.

1. Men must always put the needs of women ahead of their own.
2. Women must always be saved while men are expendable.
3. A man dieing for a cause is heroic, a woman dieing for a cause is tragic.
4. Men must always be the one to go the extra mile with regard to bridging a relationship gap.
5. If a woman makes an arbitrary demand no explanation is required.
6. A man's sole purpose in life is to please and then bed and breed with a woman.

I am not a sperm and cash donor. I am a thinking feeling human being.

I mean look at all the examples. Take "Meet Joe Black". Here we have a movie about death, the most powerful force in reality, actually having trouble pleasing a typical attractive affluent American woman.

Turn on the TV, Every commercial is about either something a woman can demand or something a man must provide. Everything the media broadcasts is either related to a product designed to make women hotter, give a man an edge in competition with other men, or maintain an existing relationship. It's all veiled prostitution on one end and role enforcement on the other.

"Every kiss begins with Kay." "Choosy moms choose Jiff."

I could go on and on.

I'm indirectly single by choice, because I refuse to buy spend or lie in an effort to form a sexual relationship with a woman. Plus I want one on equal terms, which makes me a sexist pig apparently. Go figure.

P.S. I'm totally willing to debate any of this.

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