Thursday, December 20, 2007

Online dating.

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I am by no means taking the "online dating is for losers" approach, but this does seem to me unusually slanted. I myself am a polygamist, and a fetishist, and I am certain I would not be welcome there if they can't even handle something as normal as gay people.

But I feel the need to defend them a bit because the problem is not with matching people the problem is simple supply and demand associated with monogamy. The premise here is false. There is not someone for everyone because some people are perfect to many people. The solution is not a database, which at best will merely more effectively match existing options, the solution is to learn to share and to spread out your demands of a mate over many individuals.

It’s like this, a new way to search and drill for oil (hyper efficient databased monogamy) is not a real solution, renewable power (new mating paradigm) is.
We allow specialists into every other aspect of our lives. We don't demand that our car repair guy our plumber our gardener our dentist our doctor and our chef be the same person, because that would be absurd. You’d end up with 4 guys system wide that everyone wants and everyone else gets the shaft.

That is the situation today with mating. There is a small percentage of highly desirable men and women, but many of the traits we demand are in conflict. (like compassion and ambition)

Monogamy is a means of control. They want to keep us tense and unhappy.

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