Monday, May 12, 2008

Open letter to pretty girls...

Open letter to pretty girls in America who are under the impression that they are not spoiled, and have worked hard and through pluck and determination got where they are and how they look had nothing to do with it.

I don't care how hard you work in America, from a global perspective even abject poverty here is spoiled. No one starves to death or dies of thirst here, ever. No child dies crawling to a UN camp with visions of rice in his head.

If you are a pretty “girl” then even among Americans, you are spoiled. Your face gets you jobs. As a pretty girl you've had your ass kissed your whole life, in ways you're totally unaware of thanks to no contrast. You assume that when I say that I'm attacking you personally, but the irony is that that thought indicates your egotism. It's not about you. It's about society. You wish to live in a Horatio Alger mythology of strength and self determination, but nothing occurs in a vacuum. Where you end up largely depends on what you started with. You are an attractive young woman by definition of who this letter is aimed at. Live up to the advantages this affords you. I don't care what you want to be real. I'm telling you what is real. You got favors and they are so ubiquitous in your life that you cant even see them anymore. Since before you could talk the adults cooed over you and uttered words like beautiful adorable precious, words that are feminine in their lack of use towards men and boys. Well last time I checked these words are gender neutral, why do boys feel uncomfortable being called beautiful adorable and precious? Because they, unlike you, have been conditioned to be working slave hulk soldiers who are handsome tough and strong. So that women don't feel bad ordering them about.

It's like the forest for the trees. You don't see the problem for two clear reasons. 1. You're not built for logic. 2. You're too close to it. You're in the middle you have no perspective or frame of reference. The only time pretty women learn is later in life when they aren't so pretty. These women usually become bitter wives, endlessly worried about some “young slut/whore” stealing “her man”. And deep down she knows this is an extreme possibility because thats how she landed him int eh first place. Half of all marriages fail because men marry for sex, and women marry for money and sex appeal fades, and money gets spent. Marriage is and always has been a work around for prostitution. A tool by which the state and the church sell sex in exchange for power instead of money.

You wish to pretend equality, and then bitch about mistreatment, because if you owned up to your power you'd then have responsibility for its use, which is the LAST thing you want and I don't blame you. If I had your kind of power and then failed as miserably as you have I'd be in denial too. Many of you when pressed about life style justification fall back to individual liberty, and spend the rest of the argument talking about “your” body and “your” choices. But you never seem to understand that your choices do not occur alone. What you do with your body has an impact on society. If you choose to do nothing with it beyond forward your own interests, you must admit to social negligence. Every man is like his father, Yay for the Y. Every man has a father, there for every criminal, every murderer, every rapist statistically speaking was subsidized one generation ago by a woman. Women churn out Barbie dolls and monsters. Men have very little say, and are losing even more.

Walk around outside. Pretty women are usually driving or being driven. You'd think cloning was in full swing. Look at the teens and 20 somethings. It's like the pink toy isle out there. Its all cargo pants and belly shirts. Your greed and jealousy is making society homogeneous. Men only want to be fed and fucked and loved. They'll settle for two out of three, and will do nearly anything to get it. Women have capitalized on this forever, knowing that no matter what happens they'll win. Smart and brutal men, just as in need of loving and fucking and food have capitalized on both so assure they get loved and fucked and fed first. These men are the priests, the kings and the magnates. Worked well didn't it.

Women blame men for war and violence, but competition is the real root, and competition is demanded by women, not men. Competition is greed. Competition is jealousy. Men are unfaithful pigs? Men are willing to share. Men don't use the words slut and whore NEAR as often as women. Put it all together girls. You're shitting in your kitchen, and blaming men for the smell.

Men behaving as they do is in the majority your collective fault because we do not live in a rape culture. After 200 years pretty girls still pick brutal alpha males. The ideal of 100% personal responsibility is absurd, grow up. Life is not fair, and unless we work to change it, it will stay that way. Pretty women complaining about men sounds to me very much like the prince of Saudi Arabia complaining about the poor in Africa. "If only they worked as hard as I have, they'd have 38 diamond studded cars too". Are you getting the point yet?

Bet not, but you're talking shit about me in your head and have been from the start. "What? Thats not what I want to hear. A non-worshiper!? WOMAN HATING SWINE!"

We die and fight because you force us to compete by your inability to share. If men are such simple creatures and all we want is sex and food then it must fall to women to create war. You want the very best man and you want him all to yourself and rather than simply picking on your own judgment you let nature choose for you, by making them fight to the death, sometimes literally, and then you want the winner all to yourself, forever, like a pet, or livestock, that no one else can touch, and you want him to work his whole life to pay for your nest and raise your children. Well OK, but that comes with consequences, not the least of which being War.

Look at the distribution of scientific careers men have ALWAYS worked to impress women. Men have handed you civilization. Quit hating us for what it took to make it.

I'm sorry your ashamed of being a pretty women who by virtue of the way society is currently constructed, is given tons of advantage, but that shame has no impact on that advantage. Even if you consciously try to avoid it, you'll still receive it. People like pretty people and give them preferential treatment in ALL walks of life this is basic sociological and psychological fact. Everything you wish you earned was made easier by how you look. Own up to it.

P.S. I can defend any of this. I have a mind for large scale logical systems above and beyond most people. Instead of assuming I'm just a degenerate and attacking me personally how about you attack the ideas and try to prove me wrong?

Thought not.

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