Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I think I wrote this somewhere before but I can't find it so here I go again.

The point of this game is to teach people to spot anomalies on the road. It is designed to teach awareness and observation,a and to decrease reaction time.

It is named Deadlight for two reasons, first of all because its fast to say and easy to recall, and secondly to remind the player that it is a seriously valuable skill, since one can die at nearly the speed of light on the road.

Equipment needed: None.

Rules: (Pick and choose as needed.)

If you are in a car with the engine running you are playing.
First player to spot and call a Deadlight gets a point.
Last player to score a point when the engine shuts off, wins. If player exits vehicle while holding the point, player wins. (this allows kids being dropped off places to win)
There is no score beyond last point scored.
Deadlights may not be called from mirrors or outside normal view. (This negates driver view advantage).

Deadlights can only be called at night. Night is defined by street lamps.
Tail lights, fog lights, broken windows, broken or turned off wipers, car crashes, deer, etc all count as Deadlights, turning without signaling. Any potentially dangerous road anomaly.
Players without seat belts can not win.

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