Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Games I invented as a child: Wiffleball Frisbee Bat Beat Down

I invented this game when i was like 10 or something.

Equipment needed: Goal markers, Frisbees (that you don't particularly care about), Wiffleball bats.

Goal: To know the crap out of Frisbees and feel like a ninja. Or to score points, whichever.

The game can have as many players as you like I guess limited by the geometry of the goal zones.

The idea is for each player to have a goal zone, and a bat. Another player's goal is to toss the Frisbee past the player between the goal markers. The idea is to stop the Frisbee, Violently.

You handicap or advantage expert and new players by distancing the markers.

If the Frisbee passes between the markers that's a point for the thrower and it now becomes the defender's turn to throw, always to the left. (In honor of my mom's southern paw.)

If the Frisbee is tossed higher than the defender can theoretically reach, standing bat in hand, then no point is gained. The idea is to get it past them not over.

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