Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Games I invented as a child: Virtual assassins.

Equipment needed:
Toy guns, and explosives. A multi-room setting. Toy Swords Boffa, rubber knives, etc allowed. Nerf guns.

Kill everyone in the house (non players as well) and then suicide to score a point. (Suicide bombing counts.)

A dead player must stay in the room he was killed in and take no in game action for 30 seconds, or more depending on handicap and agreed upon rules.

A player can elect to stay dead by staying in the room, once a dead player is past his time limit he may cross the threshold of the room into another room to revive.

A single touch into another room with the foot is required. Hands do not count. Unless the player is prone.

Players may play dead.

Weapons by default can only act on player in the same room. A player must be in the room to use a weapons in a room: Solid foot if standing, solid hand if prone, or more than 50% of body mass is beyond threshold.

Firing rate depends on click of gun or actual firing rate in the case of Nerf, if it doesn't click or beep or something, it's a dead weapon.

Semi automatic rifles are 1 room spanners. Melee weapons are limited to actual range, and cannot be throw unless throwing is their only function. (no throwing swords or daggers)

Explosives are room killers, shelter is ignored. These need not make noise. Explosives are limited to one room.

Pets are always in play and their noises kill rooms, pets are immune to physical contact weapons. Players using physical contact weapons on a pet are killed for 24 hours. (In honor of Mitzi. M.I.A.)

Improvised weapons are allowed. Walkie-talkies make good remote bombs. Oven timers are also handy. String and bells may be used as claymores. Or cardboard box mines. Be creative.

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